Whether you’re building your dream home or looking to power your cabin, we can create a custom package that meets your needs. Instead of offering a pre-packaged system, we work with our customers to understand their specific situation and give them exactly what they need, in the most cost-effective way.

Another option, is to set your home up with a battery back up system. A small solar system that you can rely on instead of a generator during outages with a simple flip of a switch.

An on-grid solution for those not quite ready to go off-grid, we offer net-metering and hybrid systems.

Plain and simple, net metering measures the energy you use against the energy you generate. If your household uses 1000 kilowatts of power in a month and your solar (or wind, or water, etc.) system produces 1050 kilowatt then you have no consumption cost that month and the extra 50 kilowatts carries on to the next month as a credit. Any excess power generated will be carried forward for a total of 11 months.

A hybrid system is a net-metered system that includes batteries. The stored energy can be used anytime, this is especially useful during an outage.

If you prefer to build it yourself, we can supply you with the equipment you need to complete your solar system from start to finish. We have access to various brands of products at very competitive pricing, with some products in stock. 

We also offer maintenance services for your system, such as troubleshooting issues, tune-ups and repairs, or annual inspections.

We have a passion for renewable energy and would love to help you turn your ideas into reality. Whether you need help deciding the type, setup or size of the system, we have the tools and expertise to guide you along the way. Custom designs also available.

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